Quick Peace Kit

Includes the Quick Peace Shower Bag, Soap bar, Shower gel, Sunprotect Spf30 and Yellow Exfoliating Sponge.

Shower Gel

Head to toe shower gel with Wild Sage and Citronella, active for up to 12 hours as an insect repellent, especially against mosquitoes, flies, sand fleas and tics.

SPF30 Sunblock

SPF30 Sunblock

Sun blocking agents that absorb UV light with Wild Sage and Citronella, non sticky and matt feel, that’s very comfortable for most people.

Outdoor Body Product Range

A natural and non-toxic product that is produced in South Africa.

Wild Sage and Citronella

Our products act as an insect repellent, while cleansing the body.

Active for up to 12 hours.

Consists of anti-septic and anti-inflammatory qualities.


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